The Village of Summit owns and maintains a Cemetery at 36000 Delafield Road which is located East of Hwy 67 and North of Delafield Road (just east of Aurora Hospital).

Village Residents and non-residents can purchase lots or single grave sites for burials. A grave site can be used for one full body burial, two cremations or one full body burial plus one cremation.

The Highway Department is responsible for the upkeep and burial process at the Summit Cemetery.

The Summit Cemetery is governed by Chapter 8 of the Summit Village Code. See Fee Schedule page for fees and costs for the Cemetery.

To view a map (with Lot #'s) of the Cemetery click here.

Link to site with names and pictures of tombstones in Summit Cemetery.

For more information, contact:


Jared Beauchamp

37100 Delafield Rd
Summit, WI 53066

Phone: (262) 567-2422
Email: dpw@summitvillage.org